Is this bad?

today my mom told me to call my boyfriend and ask him if he can come to dinner. well I pick up my cell and dial. my mom says why are you calling marc? (that's my ex boyfriend we broke up 4months ago or more) and I was like O MY WORD and I hung up... then I called my boyfriend and asked him. But is it bad that after 4 months I still accidentally call his number ? if it is bad what does that mean?


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  • It just means your minds starting to go. It happens.Like once I was watching a movie and than called my girlfriend by the characters name,there names where similiar sounding. Also did you really say oh my word?

    • Oh I said it before he answered lol he didn't answer the call

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  • It means you still have tiny tiny ounce of feeling for him. It's normal.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D


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  • i have a question. you broke up 4 months ago and you're already bringing a new boyfriend home? is that normal? I don't mean any disrespect but I actually want to know.

    • No I did not wanna get in a new relationship like soo quickly it just happened really fast... but I know my highschool friends would have new boyfriend the next week soo its not to abnormal to have a new guy this generation moves on quickly which I don't think is a good thing

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