Meeting with ex boyfriend - What should I do?

I haven't spoken to Boyfriend in a couple months.

I heard that he wants to meet up with me at some point over the next month, to talk about things because we never did. We just ended very badly.

Here's my deal:I've never done this before. If he contacts me asking me to meet up, where do you think would be an appropriate place to go? I understand that we should go somewhere public, but I don't know if I want to do that in case things gets emotional.

Also, how should I handle the discussion? I'm not sure how guys think, and I can't tell if he's ever honest or not. I don't want to yell, but I just want to tell him everything(but are there things I should limit)

Also, do you think I should contact him if he doesn't within the next month? I think I deserve some answers


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  • I think you should maybe consider meeting in the daytime at a park? It's public and you can still be alone... if you guys are comfortable talking in one of you guys' vehicles that's okay, if not just take a walk or just go sit on a bench or something..

    Yeah, don't let the discussion lead to yelling or fighting..that might make him think, why did I try and talk to her again? or something you know... just keep it cool talk about whatever he brings up and when you want to add something in just do it naturally and calmly... just basically be understanding about the situation. Remember, understand him and he will come to understand you too.

    If you heard that he is the one who apparently is going to contact you to talk about things, if this is true, then it means he has thought about things and possibly want to get back together which is great. If he doesn't contact you in a month's's okay don't sweat it, cause if it is true that he wants to talk again he will still come back to you one day. Maybe something happened prior to when he wanted to talk like something that screwed up his plans... just let him contact you, that's what I think.



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