How do you let go of your best friend?

I'm just so sad and having such a hard time letting go and moving on. My ex broke up with me about 5 weeks ago. We didn't have any contact for 4 weeks. Then he saw me and told me he loves and misses me but I was too afraid to say it back bc I thought he might just be playing me for an ego boost. I went out with another guy for about 3 weeks but he just didn't compare to the connection I had with my ex (we got along perfectly - he was my BEST friend I've ever had - I've never felt a connection like that with anyone in my life, family or friends). I'm pretty sure ex knew about other boy bc he saw pics on social media. He even unfriended my friends when they posted pics of me with him. How could someone who said he cared about me so much just never talk to me again, even as friends. He just doesn't care I guess and I know I need to move on but its SO hard to. I'm heartbroken. I had been cheated on before and he knew that I was hesitant to get into a relationship with him, but he begged me to for months and promised me he would never hurt me. I trusted him so much. He didn't even give me a reason to break up. We were perfect one minute and broken up the next. He blindsided me. If I see him, he ignores me but looks at me the whole time. I try to make progress moving on but when I see him, I have to start all over. I just can't stand this. Why did he do that to us?


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  • It's going to be tough snd hard for you to move on because you are always running into him and seeing him brings back memories. One way to forget about him is because it wasn't your fault for the break up. Let go of the guilt. Also I am glad that you started dating again. It shows you had the strengh to try and move on. Even thougj things didn't work out at least you tried. Maybe your ex broke up with you because maybe he got cold feet or he felt things was moving to fast.

    • Thank you for your answer. He begged me to be his girlfriend. I waited for months before I finally agreed and then he broke up with me 2 months later. I'm so hurt and mad at him

    • Yout very welcome. I can't blame you for being hurt or mad at him. Him breaking up with you didn't make sense because he begged you to be his girlfriend in the first place. He should be happy and honored that you even went out with him.

  • I honestly don't know the why that he would choose to betray you and your trust in him. But he could be avoiding talking to you when your paths cross out of guilt for lying to you about never hurting you and then did it anyway. the fact that he begged you to be his girl then does this just doesn't make sense to me I honestly feel for you in this situation but really it will help you with the healing process if you will get out and meet new people and close this chapter out once and for all


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