Can a guy mess up so bad that he is afraid to talk to the female?


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  • yes, I've done it before. it happens


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  • I wonder if my ex is doing that. It really seems like he still has feelings for me but like he's afraid to talk to me. He told me about a week and 1/2 ago that he still loves and misses me (I didn't say it back bc I'm scared too!), but why does he ignore me? My ex probably just doesn't care and is moving on honestly and I'm just dreaming. But I do wonder... Why do you think that yours is afraid?

    • Well he just stands in front of me and stares

    • Good grief lol!! That is so annoying. He feels guilty and scared and he's VERY weak. Do you really even care what he has to say if he cheated and lied. Dumbass. Let him go and move on with your beautiful life. You don't need any of that

    • Thank you!

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  • Mess up, what did he do?

    • Cheating and lying

    • Yes, it's possible. Unless he doesn't care. But normally when u wronged someone even unintentionally ones reaction is to hide. It takes a unique person to own up to their wrong doing

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