How can I pull away from this girl?

I'm 16, and I want to get one thing straight, I'm not searching for a relationship, nor should anyone else be at my age, but there is this one girl that I never really liked that much... She is a year younger than me and we started talking late March if I remember correctly. She is extremely clingy, and the only reason I kept talking to her was because she doesn't go to my school so we can only talk by chatting on the internet (Not texting, I am terrible at that shit). At the beginning I thought she would be nice to have a friend, but even back then I could tell she kind of wanted a relationship, but I just acted like I didn't know... I got kind of in the habit of talking to her everyday or every two days or whatever and everytime it'd be longer she'd complain saying, "Oh it's been 2 days that we haven't talked that much :( :(" She'd always put smileys... god I hate smileys. I know I'm being hateful, but I'm a pretty hateful person in general. I like to be alone and I don't have many friends, and it's how I like it so I don't like talking to her much, it's just the way it is. The problem is, she's kind of "family related" because her mom knows my mom a bit and that sort of thing... not too well, but still. I've been making the waits for replies much longer, like one message a day and I reply every like 3 days, just trying to pull away. A few weeks ago her friend messaged me asking, "What the hell is happening" so I said, "What?" and then she asked, "Are you ignoring ********?" so I said, "No, I'm in San Diego." but it just shows that she is sort of stressing and telling her friends and whatever. It's just really annoying me because this is the second girl that's tried with me and I already had to put one down and I hate this shit. Any tips?


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  • End the madness and stop driving yourself Crazy with being this girl's... Enabler here, dear.
    You are Old enough to know what you want to do and whom to do it with as far as Talking. Quit Skquawking and be you rown straw boss and lay down some ground rules so you can go to bed at night with some peace of mind.
    Tell this pretty little chick that you are busy, that mom has a lot more in store for you to do and you don't have the time to sit online chit chatting much. Tell her when you find a few minutes you will contact her and please, don't have your friends hounding me, I do not appreciate it, I will ignore Them.
    Get on the same page as mom so she has something to tell her friend. Tell her what you are going through so when the time comes and She may be asking mom Inquisitive Questions, Mom has her own Answers as well to tell.
    People put themselves in their own tight spot and when they allow it to go down more a bad beaten path, if something is not nipped it could very well in the end turn into a war of the Roses.
    BTW: ADD a sad face, for laughs and giggles.
    Good luck. xx

    • Haha, alright, this was actually kind of what I was thinking of, being a bit meaner than nice, if that makes sense

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    • I'm pretty sure she is purposely not replying as well. Because at the beginning when I waited a bit to reply she'd reply right away because she is the type to always be on her phone and I kind of have an excuse because I don't want an IPhone so I can't always reply... but now it says she replies in maybe a day... just funny to see the reaction

    • Good then.:)) xxoo

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  • Okay well it seems like you really like to be alone, single it's okay, it's your life so it's your choice but instead of doing what you're doing now have you ever tried to tell her that you are like this as a person? I mean not everyone can read your mind, and I suppose she is also the same age as yours, so even her maturity level will be more or less same as you, so you can't really expect her to understand you by your actions, though she should but I don't think she is understanding you as such. Of course if you don't like it, you can pull away from a clingy person but what will hurt if you for once face her face to face and tell her honestly but politely as to what you don't appreciate about her and what makes you feel uncomfortable and who know she may understand and may stop doing that or at least try to understand you and then see for any changes in her behaviour, after that if you think you can continue then it's okay but if you have made up your mind then also I would suggest meet up with her face to face or at least write to her honestly whatever made you feel uncomfortable, uneasy and then break up with her.

    That's all.

    • Yea, so you're saying don't prolong it, just kind of get it over with?

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    • You're right, I'll have to say something sooner or later, might as well get it over with. Thanks for helping me

    • That's okay. No problem.

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  • I'm 16 as well. I have a boyfriend but I do agree with the fact that relationships shouldn't as serious as they are in high school. People are like 15 acting like they're going to get married when they graduate. You need to tell her your not looking for a relationship so if she does want one she can find another guy who wants one equally as much as her. But don't let the fact that you don't want to be in a relationship with her stop you from talking to her and being her friend.


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