Did he finally give up on me?

He made it seem like we were back together and he was being very loving and for the past 2 months he's been calling me every week on his day off. Then all of sudden this week he didn't call. But he did text me last Friday to see if I was still mad at him about a misunderstanding I had with him the other night and I turned my phone off and he tried hard to get a hold of me.

Mia he finally going to move on or could he possibly have someone else?


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  • Can't say for sure. May be he is stressed due to some reason, did you try talking to him about it? have you tried to find out?


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  • Why don't you just ask him what his intentions are? It's impossible for us to judge based on a missed call.

    • He text me last Tuesday and I could tell he might have been drinking but I asked "where do we stand and be honest" and he replied "why" "really" and kept doing that and was taking a long time to reply so I text him "are we ever going to be together or just friends" and he didn't reply so I text him "guess not but its ok because I know you never loved me I was just your rebound" then I shut my phone off. The next day I turn it on and I have 5 texts from him saying "why" "really" "why you there" "babe" "u there" and 6 missed calls. Then Friday he texts me "you still upset with me" and we text back and forth for an hour but just about our day. Then Monday I accidently texted him when I was replying to my friend and I said sorry I accidently text you and he said it's fine u texting ur boyfriend and I said no just a friend and he said "guy friend?" And I said no female friend and he replied "lol ok no worries". That's the last I talked to him.

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    • Very true I do deserve to know what he wants so I can either be with him and work on our relationship or just move on. Also 3 weeks ago I did ask him what he wanted and he said "I want you" and back in June he told me "there are so many people that are in love and not together, I don't want that to happen to us" but then the next time he contacts me he takes everything back or acts as though he never said it, and I get hurt all over again. If he contacts me again I will ask him what he wants. Thanks for taking the time to help me with my question I just really feel so sad by how he is acting ☺️

    • I'm sorry things are the way they are for you. It sounds to me like he's playing games with you. He likes you on a certain level and wants you around but doesn't think you're good enough to commit to. He needs to man up and make a decision. If it doesn't work out, stay strong. There are so many guys out there. You deserve one who knows what he wants and treats you like you matter.

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  • too early to tell, sounds like he is backing off a bit due to circumstances you created

  • nah nah fam dont think so, you get me fam?


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