Girls, should I try with my ex for the 3rd time? If yes, how do I approach it?

We broke up after 1.5 years as she felt I wasn't "open" enough about feelings and my background. Even though she knew herself. This was after the second time of being together.
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  • Who broke with who those two timws? , my advice is that if it was her, then no , it will be very hard for you to feel safe with her and make sure she won't leave u again, u will only be hurting yourself, i am sure u feel way better now after a year and half, just ask urself, if it didn't work again , are you able ro take a new heartbreak? Aew u willing to gobthrough all the hard procces of moving on? , if no, then no dont

    • I'm fine with the "heart break". We originally went out for 1.5 years and haven't been together for 7months. She broke it off twice.

    • My friend , i am sorry to tell you that if she was tje one who broke it off for two times, and has been 7 months now without u, then most probably she will leave you again, unless if it was your fault?, i mean dis u do something or hurt her so she left u?, in this case then maybe try once over text, something like " hello, i still habe feelings for you, do you think our love deservws another chance?, " see her answer, and then tell me what did u do :)

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  • If you've already broken up twice, accept the fact that you two don't make a good couple and move on.

  • If you've broken up 3 times already, I personally think it wouldn't be worth it. If she truly cared, she'd accept your flaws and not try to change you.


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