This relationship hurts the worse.. why do people lie and say they want to be friends but don't know how. They only know how to manipulate.. smh?

He pretended to give a shit PRETENDS to be all the things a real nice guy is, but always keep his feelings under wraps, hoping that the girl would notice his feelings and then they can have a happily ever after. They generally befriend a girl to date her or to get into pants, and on not getting their way, they claim the girl to be a slut or bitch. They relentlessly chase a girl despite her clear indication that he is just a friend to her. The thing that they don't realize is they can't truly imitate someone else. Being what you are matters. Since they are not being themselves, they come off as clingy, needy and not charming at all.
I wish I never heard from him again. But he's fake, he pretends, and now I'm forced to pretend cause we work together. We are not friends, he doesn't really know how to be a friend. I could tell. I just don't get why he chooses me to use, why not some other chic that deserves it.


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  • a man sees a woman who is prepared to be used as fair game... while I know it sucks and you most likely REALLY wanted to be with him, he saw the chase and used you. Morally it is very wrong and you have a right to be angry. I suggest you take some dignity back by saying you dont want to be friends and while you have to work together you will be civil but nothing more.

    Take it back, the respect and your pride and watch him feel the sting as you do. :)

    • Excellent advice, thank so very much. Cause truth is I'm finished pretending, he screwed me over I shouldn't be obligated to play the bigger person and take his shit, .. I don't owe him shit, he disrespectful, he used me so many times it's crazy, to his friends to he thinks I don't know about. . but I do, he's a racist, and a user. And I can't believe how I could of been attracted to a real jersey like him. I've been there for him and he thought he was doing me a favor by pretending to like me... yeah girl I can't. He could live his life. I'm done

    • Just dont be harsh on him, be the better person that way... He continues to treat you like crap and you just pretend he isn't alive then eventually he will either get sick of being ignored and stop or he will be seen for the scum he really is :)

      Just take that pride and dignity back!!!

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