My boyfriend texted his ex and called her sugarlips. Is this ok?

My boyfriend and his ex who he broke up with almost 6 years ago are still close. They live in different countries and see each other now and again. I wonder if he is still in love with her. He admitted it when we first met.

Things between us have progressed and he says he has fallen in love with me. But a part of him will always love his ex and that will never change. But he thinks that I'm better for him. I asked him who he would rather be with if both of us were equally "good for him" and he said her. In a joking way but it made me really uncomfortable.

Our sex life is not great. He can't have sex for very long and always interrupts me because as soon as I let myself go he cums staright away. I'm left frustrated and I think I've probably had 3 orgasms in the last year. I'm really patient because I care about him deeply.And Idon't want to hurt him.

But perhaps I should walk away? His ex sends him messages like she is hurt that he doesn't speak to her as much and that she wants to hang out "until forever". His replies to her are always sympathetic and reassuring. She feels neglected because of me and I think that he enjoys that.

Should I leave this man? Am I settling for less? I always feel really tired around him and unsatisfied. When I try to discuss it, he gets offended and doesn't want to solve the problem but just takes it personally. He suggests that I get myself off and that he doesn't know why its so hard for me to come because he made his ex come like 11 times in a row and their sex was fine.

It makes me feel like sh*t to hear him say that. And he makes up for it by being extremely loving and kind, but it just doesn't seem enough for me. There's not much passion and there is promise of it, but I'm geting bored waiting.


My boyfriend texted his ex and called her sugarlips. Is this ok?
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