Should I feel flattered that my ex is desperate to come back with me?

It's not the first time he tries (I lost count). I'm not interesting in him anymore, but I'm not sure how to feel about this...


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  • Nope he's just refusing to move on


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  • if u r not interested as u say... then it'd be an obstacle to yer life actually if he's as desperate as u say!

    • Well, it's not keeping me from moving on. It's just that he texts me once in a while to "casually" ask me how I'm doing (which infers "are you doing better than me?") and then he asks me if I'm busy and i we can hang out.

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    • It is! I'll totally do something about it, blocking it or else.

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  • "Come back with me," @SOph5t3R, Or... Get it Up with you. There is a Big difference.
    It's One thing if an "EX" Still Marks an X in his own softie spot and Actually wants to go back as two birds of a feather and Stick together as in 'Love Nest' once more.
    However, it is an animal of another color when he has Other ideas in mind like Getting together without being hooked at the hip and Knows he come and go as he pleases, leaving his Calling card of Merely... Teases.
    Good luck. xx


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