What do I do about my ex, I love her but she left me after a bad fight?

I dated this girl throughout high school, and we were dating almost 1.5 years but broke up after a bad fight. 5months later she came back and we were fine until another bad fight.. now she's given me all my things back except a lot of pictures and a knife. She won't delete our pictures on fb or instagram, but unfollowed me and unfriended me recently. Unfriended after a friend told her about a breakdown I had. Where she went off because I had overdosed saying she didn't care. Afterwards she's said to many peoplewe might get back together later but not now. She's said Id have to go through hell if she thought we'd work out, but I need to change.. I just don't know what to do because she knows I love her , and she wouldn't even mention her things other than her charger for her phone. I've heard nonstop that she needs space because things were bad. She keeps posting things about having a good heart, and showing people matter in life. But I just want a chance show her im better.. is she really done or is there any hope?

Insult to injury her mother likes my fb stuff and would say she thinks she just needs time to calm down..
This past week I was away from my Facebook a lot and she gotad because she thought I was ignoring her, and didn't really care..


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  • SupĂ©ralo. Ella se ha ido.


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