Why can't I get over him, I am NEVER like this?

I want to get him out if my mind, he is the one person that messed with me without giving a... About me , It hurts to think that he played me my problem is I still want him and I don't understand why, I should hate him and everyone I told my situation to has all lost respect for him. He is 14 and I'm hopping that he realizes what a jerk he was being and want me back that he would grow up. I don't understand why I can't just get over him, I am never like this and it scares me. Especially with me knowing he probably will never care for me.


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  • Stockhome syndrome


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  • You said he's 14 so I'm assuming you are too or at least around that age. Boyfriends at our age shouldn't really be that serious to were we breakdown after a break up. I'm not saying it is not ok to be hurt but I am saying that there are so many more opportunities to choose from in high school, college, and even after college. So don't stress over a little teen relationship like you said he was being a jerk and hate to break it to you but most guys around that age are immature jerks.

  • I feel like you miss the comfort of someone, not necessarily him.


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