Did he really care or was I just a past time?

everything happened within a month it was really quick and I mean "everything" I didn't

mean for it to happen like that but it did. but he seemed extremely

interested in me gave me flowers, chocolates, took me out!

but I did everything wrong made many mistakes. meaning: I was drunk pretty much every time I saw him, never usually called only expected him to, didn't spend as much time as he wanted to, and had sex way to quickly =[

the thing is he changed from treating me like he everything to nothing.. I thought things happen over time I mean calling me less would have been a clue but he just quit calling. now I regret it so bad.. he moved an 1hr away from where I live. he broke up with me saying he was moving and we weren't going to see each other as much. he never calls anymore but but when I do or text he makes it seem as if he's still interested. should I keep trying to keep insisting and trying to keep communication or let it go? oh yes ps:one time I called a girl left me a mjs saying why I was calling her man and who was i..


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  • I think that you attracted him in the beginning and that he thought you were the most wonderful girl ever, but the drinking and moving quickly into this relationship might have turned/scared him off a bit. It's not that you were necessarily a past time, he might have just been drawn back from that behavior a bit.

    This other girl situation, if this girl really is who she says she is, then I would suggest finding out who she is exactly and explain that you didn't know that he was in a relationship and that he needs to explain himself to you and her.

    Good luck!

  • Wow! That would make so embarrassed I don't know how you can even think of keeping with it.


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