Is this a bad move and is it going to bring consequences?

my friend and I have known each other since we were in elementary the only problem is I am in college as freshman and he is in HS as a we are messing around..and we both know its not like we don't know what we do or how far we go..but one of us is bound to get attached and I don't know how to not let that happen..and since we are messing around at the same time..i don't feel it is right for him to be kissing other girls..cause if I am messing around with a person I won't kiss some do you think I should do this..cause I feel comfortable doing this with him like he can't be my we are fine we what we are both doing..let me know your views on this subject?...and if you think it is cheating when you are messing around with someone and then one of you go and kiss someone?


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  • In my opinion if you love them and you are with them you can do whatever as long as there is a mutual agreement. some people get confused if they are in love or infatuated. I think cheating is defined by the individual, anything that the significant other knows would hurt you, and they do it anyways. in my book is cheating


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  • Well, I think it's upstanding of you to not hook up with other people when you're hooking up with someone consistently. It shows your character. However, you're in college now, and you'll learn that there are no rules unless you're in a relationship. It's very common to hook up consistently with someone, and hook up with other people too.

    I don't think he would be cheating if he kissed someone else while you guys are messing around at this point. It would be different if you guys were seriously talking/dating, thinking about a relationship, etc. But if it's just a friends with benefits relationship, where you both know that you don't want a relationship out of it, then neither one of you would be cheating for hooking up with someone else.


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