Guys, should I text him?

My ex boyfriend recently showed up at my work, we dated for two years and broke up in February. After the break up, we still talked almost daily. We hung out, and we hooked up twice. He said he didn't want to try. And admitted that he might regret this in the future but that this is just want he feels like he needs to do. He left for a summer job and I was the last person that he spent time with before he left. We had a tearful goodbye and he said he'd be back. I didn't text him after that. He's been gone for over a month now and a couple weeks back he stopped by my work. I Work at a coffee stand and he didn't buy anything. He said he just came to say hi, and see me. He went way out of his way to stop by for basically no reason. It was totally unexpected and my co worker said I seemed less than pleased to see him. He hasn't tried to text me, or reach out since. Could this be because I wasn't exactly welcoming when he came? Should I try to reach out? What was he trying to gain from stopping by? What could he possibly have expected to happen?


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  • guess there was a reason he stopped by then... it'd be kinda irrational if he came from faraway just to stop by and say hi...

    probably he actually wanted to tell u sth important there wotever was on his mind... but he backed off. if it wasn't so important i believe he'd text u possibly


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