My longtime boyfriend/kids father just broke up with me, I'm devastated. How can I start to move on when I feel like I can't live w/o him?

We both was just sitting up talking and he said he feels like now that he's getting older (he's 28) he's thinking about his self more when before he only really stayed and tried to work things out to keep the family together. We both was just saying how we dont really get along or understand each other & are just maybe not meant to be. I asked him straight out if he wants to still be with me or not and he said no, but he will always, always love me and will be here for me & the kids. He's the best father a kid can ask for and tbh I'm just disappointed in myself that I couldnt make him happy ultimately after 8 years together. I dont know how to move on because I really dont want to. I'm crushed, especially knowing we're gonna have to tell our kids this soon. I know it will break their hearts just like it broke mine 😢


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  • damn that's really sad... no if i was u i'd not move on but try to get back together again since we've got kids together... u've been 8 years together so there's a chance u might end up together again.

    actually i believe it's his fault mostly since he mentioned this "now that he's getting older (he's 28) he's thinking about his self more"... he should stop thinkin about himself since he has a family in my opinion and work things out

    • He said he's tried to make things work, but it's just not working. We constantly argue and at this point this might be better for the kids. I don't know...

    • really? how old r yer kids?

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