What happen? should I just let it go?

So this guy and I had a wonderful time chatting on FB for like 4 hours. We even found out that we had common friends. We talked again via FB about him coming back into town for Xmas to visit his family and he said he'll hit me up when he gets here and wanted my number and I never got a text from him letting me have his number. He'll be here in 3days, so I figure he's going to wait to hit me up when he gets here. What went wrong was when today he was online, I sent a message saying you excited to be back in 3days? he reply, "ya I can't wait!" and then logs off? what happen? he maybe got disconnected, but with that happening and not even texting me when I gave him my number a week ago I feel like he's doesn't even wanna talk...i just don't understand y he still replies to my message and have normal convos with me (except when he logged off after a one reply)...if he ain't interested why bother responding? why won't he just delete my off FB or not respond so I can get a clear message? a little help please! I just wanna understand!


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  • Yes, let it go


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