Why did she break up with me?

I will try to keep it short. I dated this girl for a little bit. She was crazy about me in the beginning. Then a week before we broke up she became really distant and I could tell something was up. Then we went for a drink and when we were leaving she said she had been thinking and came up with we should just be friends. She said she lost interest and we worked at the same place and that was a factor. It is just really weird it was all of a sudden.

Now she has been hanging out with her best friend all the time who has a history of being manipulative, always getting her way and loves being the center of attention. The friend works at the same place too and they always go on every break, lunch, and even spend the night at each other houses! Everyone who knows this girl has said she probably has done something because when me and my ex where dating they hardly hung out. I just need closure so did she lose interest and we were just spending too much time together or was there an outside source of trouble?


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  • Her and her Bestie from the restie may be More than meets the eye and This could just be a shot in the dark as to Why... I could tell something was up. I see and smell a smoking gun somewhere.
    Yes, I believe you could be Straight Out Right with this 'manipulative' and Maybe Maul of a Girlfriend. One never really knows Anyone until something doesn't end up smelling good in Denmark with a Remark and just Other Out of the Blue things as well.
    I believe at first when you both Began your Beguine, she gave this her Best but decided it wasn't working for her and as you can see for Yourself... She is Now Spending her days and nights with Someone whom is still in her life and still In Dodge.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you so much, @notheaveragered, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with... a man? message me with any more questions, sweetie. xxoo

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  • i think it is something external , but trust me if she broke your heart and left you , she will regret it later , plus it is so rude of her to just keep hanging with him infront of you like this , so heartless :S, it hurts i know for sure :S , i am sorry for that my friend <3

  • lost of interest

  • I've dated guys. All of the sudden I didn't want to date them anymore. Habits of theirs I didn't like. la de la de da! There could be a multitude of reasons.


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