Long story short, my ex dumped me for some other guy about 4 moths ago, we have a 13 month old little girl together, this guy has moved in with her, my ex is still very jealous, I have had many bouts of her kicking off when I collected my daughter, ranging from kicking off because I had a new jumper on to slamming the phone down because she thought I was at a womans house,

I had my daughter on Thursday, and my ex ( as usual ) rung me on the phone, usually for about two hours, but I could not speak this time really so sadi I have to go after 15 mins, I asked when she would be collecting our daughter she said about 4/430, now a female friend was here with me, I am not with her or anything, just a friend, my ex came early, I was round the corner with my daughter and she came in and sam my mother and my female friend, my mam then went outside with my Ex she then asked my mam who is this woman? my mam said a friend, then I came round the corner with our daughter and she ( ex ) was not happy asking if it was my girlfriend I said no, then she stormed off in a right one, she then stopped and shouted " you had one chance and you have blown it, you are never seeing your daughter again" then I came in and she rung my phone, she asked "whose friend is it, yours or your mams, I said my mams but I klnow her, she then called me from a pig to a dog said I dont want some strange woman round my daughter and slammed the phone down on me before i had the chance to respond with ( hang on you have a guy living with you who is around my daughter every night )

Well today I have been informed she has changed her profile picture to

HER, HER BLOKE, AND MY LITTLE GIRL, with the tag line ( my little family ) it has destroyed me as she is my daughter and I love her to bits, it is so cruel, I feel like going and kicking sh! t out of thi guy I can't stop pacing up and down like a wounded animal, can someone explain why this cruel b! tch has done that



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  • Sorry to hear that mate... I see the problem, & I could tell you... It's because your ex is batshit crazy!
    You can try to wrap your head around it but I wouldn't if I were you... You'll end up bending and hurting your head... Logic cannot be made out of chaos.
    Dude, seriously, I know I don't need to tell you, but your ex sounds like she has a serious mental issue... Like she should be medicated.
    I know your primary concern is for your daughter... And honestly I can't blame you, it's a legitimate concern.
    If it were me I would play dirty... But legally, I'd play some dirty pool, but I know that shit costs a chunk of change because I've been there.
    I don't know what the laws are like in the UK... but I would guess they are very similar to here in the states.
    For one... your ex has no right to come stomping around asking questions for making a fool of herself because you choose to see other women... Not only that she's not presenting a very good responsible reflection to the child... Here in the states, it's all about the "best interest of the child"... my guess is she's a terrible mother... But that's just my impression.
    In any case, if she becomes too much of an interference in your life, I would file a restraining order with very specific guidelines pertaining to child drop off and pick ups... Your daughter does not need to be exposed to that kind of crazy, ever... Though I have no doubt she will anyway as long as her mother flies off the handle.
    On the flip side of the coin it has only been a few months since you have made the break up official... You both are still coming to terms with the new arrangement.
    my word of advice is to document everything the best you can... Meanwhile keep your nose clean and step up your game... If your ex is as crazy as she sounds your daughter may need you to step up to the courts for her... To restrict visitation with her mother... I did it, so I know it can be done.
    Meanwhile... Keep your head up and your sights focused, date women, work hard... And just be the best dad you can be for your daughter.
    The key I'm offering is to redirect your thoughts away from your ex and into a new life.
    The crazy bitch will do what she can to provoke you... Do not underestimate her intelligence, as crazy as she may be... You better believe she thinks she's smarter than you... Her hope may be to cause you to make a "mistake".
    Don't let her win... Refocus! Redirect your thoughts and energy!
    Think about how loosing your daughter would feel.

  • speak to friends


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