Guys, Why would my ex be acting the same way that he did when we were together?

We been broken up for 10 or 11 months now?


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  • He must still have feelings for you and missing you...

    • But the question is if he likes me again and wants me back?

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    • Nope. I don't have suggestions. Just start a discussion may be... if he reject you, why go behind?

      There are 3.5 billion other guys, and within then there will be the one who is right for you.

    • Because I love him and I thought his actions were positive, aren't they?

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  • Because he probably still have feeling for you and has the hope he can go back with you.

    • But yet doesn't contact me, explain that one?

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    • Like what? We act as we did when we were in a relationship such as hand holding, cuddling, kissing, holding me as night. He compliments me every time I go over and says sorry for if he doesn't want to go somewhere with me or the night doesn't go as planned or whatnot.

    • If he does answer me it's usually within a minute.

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