He is dating someone but wants to keep me?

he says maybe in a future we should talk.


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  • This is slang way and wary words here, dear, of Putting you in his back pocket while he keeps the Other 'Someone' on his arm, keeping himself out of harm's way by working his magic on both counts.
    Tell him "No thanks," and go on your merry way. You deserve better than to be someone's side kick after there is a possibility he or she may someday kick one another down the road like a can.
    Good luck. xx

    • he is dating someone, and told him to get lost. but I don't know if he got pissed and he told me chill out and then he said let me know when u are on your regular mood. I don't know if he is like expecting me to be there?

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    • We have all burned a few bridges, sweetie, and with This, tis a little lesson in life and in love.. Move on, today is a fresh day.:)) xx

    • Thank you so much for the vote of confidence, and believe me, better days are coming.:)) xxoo

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  • He basically just told you that if things don't work out with the girl he'd rather have, he wants you as a back up. He's a shit head.

  • Nah, live ur life