I saw him today, and although I'm hurt that he just wants to be friends, I miss him :(.. I want him to be my baby help me change his mind please?


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  • You have to move on sis... I know its easier said than done... But it can be done, I know because I've done it too many times :/


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  • You can't change someones mind.

    Either they want to be with you, or they don't.

    I am sorry *hugs*

    But this is the harsh reality you have to accept.

    You can be nice to him.
    You can give him gifts.
    You can plead for him back.
    You can jump over the moon for him.
    But still he will not take you back because he doesn't want the same thing that you want.


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  • You can't change other people to suit your purposes. This is a horrible mistake that some women make concerning men. You cannot change him! If he doesn't want you. . . just let it go! There is not future in unrequited love.

  • So you're on of those people that believes man and women can't be "just friends" eh?


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