Should I just move on?

So I've been best friends with this guy for over 3 years, and since February we confessed that we wanted more than friendship, as soon as we started trying this boyfriend/girlfriend thing, his ex girl comes crying saying she wants him back, now she done this over 3 times this year, dropping him and begging for his love over again, He's given her a chance every time and every time she wanted a "break" I was there .sigh. now we do love one another but I'm getting tired of waiting for him to get over her, should I just move on or wait it out, I've tried talking to him but I can't just force him to get over it


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  • my advice is to just be friends with him because you will keep getting hurt. the guy sounds like he was really in love with his ex at one time but she was taking advantage of his love so that's why she broke it off with him and soon as he found some one else she wants him back because she took him for granted thinking he would not move on because he was so in love with her and probably was a real good guy to her and she now don't want nobody else to get what she had .bottom line his ex is no good for him and he is no good for you right now because he is still blinded by her games she's playing with him he's giving in to her when he should just move on with you .woman love challenges always wanting what they can't have its stupid but its life.


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  • I wouldn't try the boyfriend/girlfriend thing till he got over her. He can never be true to you if he still feels for her. Stay his friend and let him go thru what he needs to so when you two do get together and it does work out you will have no regrets. You don't want to feel like you pushed him into a relationship when he wasn't ready to move on. Give him time. He will realize who really loves and wants to be with him.


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