My boyfriend wants to be friends and I want to keep fighting for us help?

Me and this guy met in February and we was friends and would talk to each other about what's going on in our lives and other problems we might have. Originally I was dealing with an older guy who wasn't tearing me right and my boyfriend well friend at the time was always there for me. I told him everything and I can honestly say he guided me away from that other guy. So we would just talk and stuff and I guess he had some feelings for me... I didn't really like him like that at first but he started to grow on me. Then in April he came to my school and he took me back to his school and I met him hung out with him for his bday... On that Sunday we got togther we was together and then we kinda had sexual relations but couldn't really because he had all his friends and a Roomate. I will say he kinda pushed the issue but I should of been strong enough to say no. He asked if I wanted to do it and I said yeah but now I wish I could have waited. Then in May he came back to my school and we hung out and we had sexual relations. Then I guess later on June everything was peachy but we started having arguments. I was able to see him he met my mom which was a hard thing considering I don't let any guy meet my mom. Plus she didn't know we were together only friends because I didn't want to tell her we go out and some something terrible happens like what I'm describing. Sometimes we hang out and I met his mom dad grandparents cousin sister etc... Overall we would argue sometimes and what not but I told him your going to argue in a relationship. At a point he was like he need a break but still talk hang out but do it less... I wasn't cool with that but I considered it. One reason I wasn't cool with it because he works at a factory from 2 till 10 pm sometimes overtime and we don't get to talk because he worked a lot. Overall we where okay then alast Saturday I got mad because I didn't like how he was treating me on the phone. We would get into petty a


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  • Sounds like your better off being friends there is too many dark moments to be anything more.


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