Guys, how can ask my ex indirectly and subtlety if he wants me back?

I believe he likes me and wants me back but im not sure. he acts the same around me like he did when we were together. He compliments me everytime Im over there and tells me he's happy i went over (I have to ask but)


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  • if u think those signs r so good then y don't u ask him directly? chances r he'll accept...

    anyway... when did he start to behave like this? did it happen recently?

    • Beginning Of This Month? can't I Ask Him Indirectly And Subtly Because I can't Ask Him Directly Again?

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    • "I mean he was always bad with calling and texting and told me that he didn't really like texting or talking on the phone."

      ^there u go... he's a bad texter. so count only (or mostly at least) wot he's sayin in person!

    • We'll he told me that back when we were together but at least made an effort.

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