Confused whether to break up with him or not?

Whenever we are mad at each other or something is wrong between us I feel that I really hate him and want to leave him right away. But as soon as he talks to me or everything gets back on the right track I forget all the bad thoughts and decisions I made and fall for him again.
A few days ago he got mad because I didn't allow him to touch extra parts of my body than usual and he started saying that I never care about him or his desires; despite that I really do but I simply have certain boundaries to the sexual relationship.
Since that day I'm trying my best to make it up for him and cheer him up, but he's not talking in a nice way and he's refusing to go out. And last thing is he said he wants me to leave him alone for a while and that he needs to stay alone a little bit.
I'm getting to consider his behavior really rude because he's making a big deal out of nothing. Instead of respecting me and my boundaries he's acting so childlike, and despite that I'm trying to make him happy and arrange a surprising event for him but he's just being so rude to me.
Is this a point where I should realize that respect is more important than love and break up for him for acting this way? I really hate him at the moment.


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  • Well it seems as if your relationship isn't strong if after every little argument you're ready to break up instead of trying to communicate and make things work. So I think it's best both of you take time to think if you're right for each other


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  • If you often feel this way, then yes, it's time to end things


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  • Break up with him.


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