Should I ask one of our mutual friends how my ex is doing?

I just broke up with my girlfriend of 2 years about a week ago and I'm moving on pretty fast, but I know that she is devastated because she was much more in love than I was. I just wasn't feeling any intrest or attraction anymore, and some of her core personality traits were really starting to bother me. Plus we are both seniors in highschool and our paths are going in opposite directions after school (I'm going into the Army to become a Ranger and then get my degree at West point and she wants to go into the medical field). This made it seem even more pointless to drag it on if it was going to end anyways. Plus I am a very determined person and I always accomplish my goals because I never quit, so I have set the plans in motion to become a Ranger and get accepted into westpoint. I've spent years preparing so I'm not just some kid with a huge dream, but no actual effort to make that dream a reality. She, on the other hand hasn't done really anything to pursue her goal which is another reason why I broke up. I want someone with the same drive as me. Either way, I'll cut to the real question. I am her commanding officer in JROTC (highschool military class) and I am also second in command of 170 cadets. This breakup will obviously disturb the peace, since she is one of my 5 staff members. I would like to remain friends and try to remove this extra stress from the staff, but that is up to her as well. I'm trying to decide if I should ask one of our mutual friends how she is doing to decide what I should do about the situation. We promised our predicessors that we would not let our relationship interfere, and I believe she is mature enough to uphold that, but I have my doubts.


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  • nope exs are pieces of shit. move on


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