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i broke up with my ex a couple of months ago(4 months ago)and now I see him everyday.every time I try to talk to him it gets really quiet and just straight out weird.i send him text and try to start conversations but its always a short response back .Once I started talking to him, he said and I quote"why don't you try to sit next to me I didn't say we couldn't be friends." ,WHAT! I'm totally confused, when I speak to him he barely has an answer and when I sit with him he has nothing to say. So answer this question ,should I just keep texting,talking,noticing him and barely get a response back or just stop texting and talking to him all together?What is your opinion?HELP! I NEED AN ANSWER!


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  • how long were you together for? I think its a natural reaction to be akward or not know what to say around an ex partner especially if you havnt been in contact for 4 months since you broke up. why don't you ask him if he is ok and is somthing bothering him?

  • my opinion is move on, your talking to a brick wall that can't be straight forward! You don't want someone around that doesn't know how to actually have a conversation with you. its like what you waiting for while your there knocking trying to be friends lol move on


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