Tips to get over a bad break up?

Well it ended badly. Blocked me on evERYTHING. It was going good and then just. People tried to talk him to talk to me. Even my goddamn mother. No luck. It's over.
I just I don't know it was a bad break up doesn't want me ever back. As it seems. Trying to get over that.
He was very mean and rude about it, just a fuck off were done. It hurts
But I need tips to get over the fact he isn't coming back, and how get over him as it was rough af and my fault
I usually just rebound but this time im trying not to.
Need help


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  • Tips?

    There is no defined way to get over break-ups, but what you can do is concentrate on yourself, spend time with yourself and in that process you'll rediscover yourself also, spend time doing solo activities, go out on an adventure alone. What you need to do is you need to forget the fact the person even exists, you need to pretend initially until you get over it and soon you'll get over it.


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  • so when it happened? if it happened recently maybe he said "fuck off" and blocked u from anywhere coz of his anger... maybe soon will change his mind.

    but if it's been more than a week or so... guess u should start considerin move-on... and if he later changes his mind and u r still free... then u can end-up being together again!

  • I'll ask again, is this the guy that you met on the app thing? The one you met just over 4 months ago?
    Just keep reminding yourself that he's not for you. Read, do some gardening talk to friends, tidy your room. Just do stuff to keep yourself occupied.

    Life goes on :)

    • If you read her other questions she stated that she created multiple fake accounts to see if he will cheat on her, basically she was like a fbi creeper

    • Ohhhh, fair enough I guess.

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