How do I message a girl I used to date without coming off as desperate?

Had fun dating for a couple months and I came on faster than I should have.

After a few weeks of not talking, I texted her, Remember this time... Reminded me of when we had a fun night. Hope you're doing good

She replied the next day, Hi, I'm doing well, hope you are, too.

How to I keep the conversation going while not appearing desparete and needy?

Also, I can't ask her out again.



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  • Just be friendly. Say hi and ask her how she's been doing.


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  • WHat's the point of texting her if you don't intend to ask her out? If you have burned that bridge then move on down the road and don't text her back again, take the time to go find another game.

    • I asked her out twice before. And no I didn't.

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  • just be honest.. what better way for her to know how u feel

    • I replied, I'm doing great just been busy lately.
      She said, busy is good :) glad you're well
      I said, Thanks. :)

      Then she didn't reply to that... ?

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