A guy told me he can't see us keeping in touch anymore? but he says we can talk? is he confused and sounds like he doesn't know what he wants?

he lives in a different country, and we used to date when we met during a trip.
and he said it was complicated cuz he was dating someone else, and as we live in different cities he can't see us how we can keep talking. but sometimes he says we can be friends or that i can text him.


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  • He's sounds confused about his feelings and refusing to tell you why. He's unsure, and he's trying to suppress his emotions. He could be experiencing denial

    • yeah that was I thought, cuz I told him why he can't end things with me, cuz he only agrees when I said it's enough, ok I respect ur decision, then he says thanks, means a lot. but I don't know why denial.

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    • Well there it is, he's dating someone now. He doesn't have time for u in his life. :*( if he wanted you he would have chosen you not her :*( maybe it's best

    • Stop breaking ur heart

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  • "he lives in a different country"

    lol, just stop talking to him, nothing is happening between you two, LFMAO

    • but what's the matter with having friends in another country.

    • Oh come now, both of you are clearly struggling with the "let's be friends" portion. Cut the act and just get to the estrangement already, lol

    • tough but true. thnks

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  • He wants u in the back burner which means he just wants a hook up buddy


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