How long do I wait before texting my ex?

Okay my ex and I broke up about 2 weeks ago. He said he didn't have much feelings for me anymore because of our distance. But I still love him very much. He also said if I had a job and lived closer and had a car he'd consider trying again. Well it just so happens as soon as we broke up I got hired somewhere, found a room for $100 a month and will be getting a car in the next month. I want to text him the good news BUT there is a major plot twist. We got into this insane fight 5 days ago and he told me not to contact him anymore. Blocked me on snapchat and Twitter but not my phone number. I really want to text him and see if I can reconcile our relationship but I'm so scared he'll block my number and if he does I might lose it... Any suggestions?


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  • Who the fuck put rules about communication? Text him


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  • ehhhhh I would definitely wait, but there could be a reason he didn't block your phone?

    • Maybe he wants to see if I actually try to contact him. His best friend told me he keeps everyone's number. How long would you wait?

    • 1 or 2 weeks, distance makes the heart grow fonder

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  • keep a copy of his number and use another phone


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