Ex boyfriend problems?

My ex boyfriend and I attend the same church. We dated for a few years and recently broke up. I broke up with him but then he wanted to fix it and I didn't want to, I tried to tell him I was sorry but he never replied or answered my phone call. So here lately when he opens the church up with prayer he talks about broken hearts and forgiveness. Then during alter prayer he prays about going through a storm, etc. I sing in the choir and so I was told by a few church members he sits in the back and just stares at me. Never moves his head or anything. Can anyone tell me why my ex is acting like this in church?


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  • This should only stay between you two. So taking it to god's house is kinda exaggerated. Since you go to the same church talk to him there cause in your shoes I'd feel really uncomfortable knowing he does that kinda stuff


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  • I think he might be obsessed. Tell him in person how you really feel and to stop all this stuff in church and that youve moved on. If this continues, HE IS TOTALLY OBESSED.


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