Contact my ex-boyfriend's girlfriend to warn her or stay out of it??

So, I have had this HUGE temptation to contact my ex-boyfriend's current, new girlfriend to in a sense warn her about him, though I know in my mind and heart that it is probably not a good idea. It's just hard because we were close and he ended up breaking up with me because of my weight, and had been verbally/emotionally abusive to me regarding my weight and body, enough that I have had to get counseling for it and ended up in eating disorder treatment, and I had to do trauma work for domestic violence victims, and now his new girlfriend is just as heavy as I was when I was with him, or maybe even heavier...part of me is p*ssed that he did that all to me, if he is apparently ok with bigger women, confused, and also wanting her not to end up going though the same things I went through, even though I have figured out, that maybe it wasn't about the weight...maybe I was just too messed up for him in other ways, and he used my weight to separate from me...idk! I just hate that he was such an a** to me, and now apparently a couple of weeks ago, he got engaged. I guess part of me is really hurt still, but then also wanting to warn her, but not sure if that is just a really bad idea or not!? What do you think? I posted another post about why do you think he did all of that to me, and is now with another heavy woman, and seems to be really into her...would appreciate your thoughts, as this has caused me much pain, and no one had answered yet!



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  • It's time to close the chapter and move on. It's not going to do anyone any good by contacting his girlfriend and forewarning her. I understand your stance but she may not believe you. She might think you're the jealous ex who is trying to create drama between them. She will have to find out on her own and probably the hard way.

    I know you've been through a lot and the relationship was very detrimental to you in many ways. However, you have lifted yourself out of the ashes and are getting your life and health back. Don't worry about him and the new gf, let them live their lives and you do the same. You sound like a very strong woman with a lot to offer. Focus your energies on formulating a path in your life that will bring you happiness and allow you to achieve the goals you want.

    Best of luck.


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