How do you let go of something you love?

I'm 22 years old and my ex boyfriend is 29 we needed to brake up for various reasons I've never fallen in love before and I've never expirence something with someone like I have with him it seem like we were perfect till the jealousy kicked him he started leaving me for his friends I would catch him in a lot of lies and talking to other girls and he kept promising he was gonna change but till this day it hasn't and im hurt and I know I need to let go but how I've never had to break up with some one it's like I'm being force to let go cause of his actions but I keep running back to him because I think about the good moments we had and I want them back so badly but it's hard!!! How can I let go what steps do I have to take this is the first time I feel like this and I feel like I just can't do it !!


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  • It's hard letting go of someone that you loved, cared for and thought was the one even if you know it's best for you and deserve someone loyal and committed who will also give you back that same love. I'm in a similar situation and what I do is just think of why It wouldn't work out even tho if I miss her, want to know what she's up to, who she talks to, is she better without me etc. But I convince myself that I deserve better and I was strong for putting up with her. Take some time and just sort things out in your head you'll never forget him but the more you try yo take your mind off him the less pain there will be


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  • Might I Suggest instead of just Making a Fast Getaway, @ellyyy, you take as Break Instead for now so you can do some soul searching and get all your thoughts in order. It's clear here, dear, you have a lot of Minding of your own Mind to do and if you do Anything too hasty right now you may not be Fair in game and name with someone who I feel just needs a taste of his own Medicine to Start... You have a sour ball about it and it can't go on much longer.
    Tell him straight out as you firmly stand on your own two straw boss feet that you are taking this time for yourself to do some Thinking about this whole Stinking thing and you will be in touch. He has to be Aware of his Wandering ways and bad boy behavior and with some space, he may start Missing the Kissing along with your face.
    He sounds immature and that he may not be into a Real Relationship. However, with a 'Break,' it's his last chance for romance and if he doesn't tow the line by the time you are back, tell him it's Over and that you are moving on Out... He's Dismissed
    Good luck. xx


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  • Am 18 and I've experienced that. In my case I was just like your boyfriend is with you. And you should live him cuz your going to get hurt and he will as well. Look I would be in his said but Ik how is it feels. And if you catch him once you'll catch him again, that will never end from his said if you don't show him that he is hurting you.
    And if he loves you he'll come back but you have to give your place and show him that what he is doing or has done is wrong. My opinion is that even if u love him that doesn't means he would love you the same way.

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