Girls, should I break up with her because of this?

My girlfriend keeps telling her friends my secrets that she promises to never tell anyone

Because of this, i stopped telling her my secrets. When she finds out i have a secret, she starts pressuring me to tell her because i can trust her. She swears that she won't tell anyone. When i refuse to tell her the secret, she gets angry. When she gets angry i have no choice but to tell her the secret.

When i tell her the secret, she goes and tells her friends.

Then it happens all over again. I stop telling her secrets. When she finds out i have one, she pressures me to tell her. She promises to keep her mouth shut and gets angry when i still don't tell her. When i tell her because she gets angry, she goes and tells her friends.

And then it happens all over again. And again and again.

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  • It sounds like she has had enough chances to stop gossiping about your secrets.
    She still disrespects your wishes to keep her mouth closed.

    It's really up to you. Track history says you can't trust her with your secrets. What else can't you trust her with?

    So if you are prepared to either get better at hiding your secrets from her or knowing she will she will manipulate you by getting angry then spilling the beans then stay if you like her that much.

    It is your choice but if you want someone you can share with who you know will take your secrets to the grave then she isn't the one for you.

    We all know how important trust is. Only you can answer your question.


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What Girls Said 5

  • you deserve better!!! what's the point of being with someone you can't trust?

  • You don't deserve this treatment, you can find someone better

  • If you feel you can't trust her, absolutely.

  • How many secrets do you have?

  • You've already asked this question.


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