Why do guys go back to their ex?

This guy I work with who I had a huge crush on gave me his number and I was stoked! He started texting me and asking me out. Things were going well and I though he was into me then after awhile he completely pulled back and stopped contacting me and started acting weird around me at work. I didn't know what was going on until he showed up at our Xmas party with his ex. Why would he start things with me if he was just going to go back to her?

Now he is completely avoiding me at work


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  • Ok it's not only his fault, it's also his ex's fault for this... it just means they aren't 'over'. If they were, they would have ended it as a couple. Are they officially back together? Well, even if they aren't they have history together and they each didn't end it so they are most likely seeing each other/ or probably going as friends. If he is still into you, his ex would only be a friend and nothing more- so that is good for you. But if you say he isn't talking to you anymore, then it's most likely that he wanted to meet other girls to get over his ex. And if you feel like he is going back to his ex, it's because he's not over her. They probably had a problem and were broken up for a bit... but now they are making up for it. If you feel like you like him enough, you should talk to him about it. But he maybe not worth it as it seems like his heart may not be in it for getting to know someone new if his heart is still attached to her.

    And it's basically the same for her--- a guy or a girl may not leave their ex because they still love them, have feelings for them, want to be together, and is attached to their significant other still. If he's over her, he most likely would not be in touch with her and not go out of his way to spend time with her. She wouldn't be either.

    But like I said, if they are just 'friends' and nothing more, then there's a difference. He probably is just taking her out because they want to hang out like friends but he can see other girls because he doesn't care for her.

    • Thanks for the advice!! Now all I need to do is get over him :(

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