Why does my ex keep his distance away from me?

i was dating my ex awhile ago and its been 8 months since we talked. we live in the same neighborhood. he's always kept his distance from me. the other day i notice him talking again to some of our mutual friends but he still kept his distance towards me. our mutual friend ask him is he with anyone, my friend told me my ex didn't respond and change the subject. my friends said he didn't even asked about me or how i was doing and one of my friends felt like my ex felt guilty so who knows. why is he being distance and why do guys keep distance from their exes? i never had an ex that did this to me but they all came back to me and i told them no. i understand people will tell me get over him but i had true deep feelings for him and i thought he felt the same way to by telling me how i make him happy, he care about me, and liked me a lot. after he broke up with me he lied and i caught him with another girl. why is he being distance from me? is he waiting me to talk to him first? why do exes distance themselves from their ex?


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  • They distance themselves to keep from getting hurt and repeating the same drama.


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  • Just because two people Breakup doesn't mean they can't and don't Makeup and that it is Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who works hard to steer clear of you here, dear, he may be feeling a bit Awkward after the Breakup and feels it is best To... Keep his distance away from me.
    The writing on the wall and all is telling me that perhaps with little or no hymning and hawing he may have someone new and didn't want to explain anything to 'My friend,' for he did 'Change the subject' and this has me thinking, as wise an owl I am.
    It's best not to try and figure it all out. I still have a husband out in Egypt whom I Breakup and Makeup all the time with and right Now, for today anyway, with No talking, I probably should have kept him at arm's length because This sticky situation of two birds of a feather, doesn't Stick together Every day, it's more like A... Hay day.
    Good luck. xx

    • ya i agree too that maybe he's just feeling awkward though and dk how to start a convo

    • lol... He is this Cowardly lion. lol:)) xxoo

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