Is my ex self-medicating, lying, and moving quickly in a relationship because they miss me? Or does it sound like they're really happy now?

My ex and I were together for four years, and lived together. After the break up, my ex moved out but still came over a lot to hang out, cuddle, and hook up. After three months, my ex suddenly got super distant and then really aggressive and cold. They kicked me out of the place we shared in a very, very aggressive way. It was awful. I found out my ex lied about the reason they asked me to leave, and had really moved in their new girlfriend -- whom they had only been dating for 3 weeks. Unfortunately, my ex has lied to all of their friends about what happened, so they're cheering these decisions on. The new girl is a few years younger, described as "stupid" by a mutual friend, and appears to be a bit messy (which my ex hates). My ex has also started smoking cigarettes again (which they quit when we were together), drinking more, and smoking pot regularly since our break up. Do these actions imply that they're missing me a lot, and are coping through co-habitating immediately, smoking and drinking, and lying about our break up to deal? Thank you!
  • They're finally free, and lovin' it
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  • They miss me and can hardly deal
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  • They're just rebounding, but will eventually be okay (but we're not getting back together)
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  • I'm sad that you let a douchebag guy like this use you. Let him do what he wants, so long as it doesn't involve you.

  • Why hook up with an ex...


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