Ex boyfriend and I are meeting up. Where should we go?

My x and I haven't spoken in a few months, but we're planning on meeting up sometime over the next few weeks to talk about things.

I don't really wanna go anywhere too public, but since I don't really have a choice, where do you think we should go? Do you think a walk through a mall would be a good idea?I just thought of that because people won't really be paying attention and we can always stop and sit.

Guys especially-where do you think the most comfortable place to meet at would be? It's cold where I live so outdoors stuff wouldn't really work


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  • Right after I read your first paragraph I was going to suggest the mall, since there's plenty of different 'environments' within that area. Since you've already mentioned it, I believe it would be the best place to go. If it becomes too noisy or distracting, I'm sure there's department stores that are quieter settings, restaurants within the mall that you two can have a bite and talk about things, while still staying in the public view.

    Also if you go to a college/university they might have someplace where you two can sit or walk around and chat as well. Best of luck!


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