Why is he doing this to me?

He dumped me but it was not official he said. Since then we've been talking everyday and been on a "love hate relationship status" i started to get over him. And one night he drunk texted me asking if we still had a chance and he was so sweet and regretful that I fell for him again. I've been with this other boy for a month now but I have feelings for my ex who again sarted to ask me and tell me the same story but this time as sober! We have talked a lot about what we should to and if we should try again. We both agreed to meet up but it haven't actually happend yet... Probably never will because he told me he found a gurl on a party who coulf replace the empty spot in his heart. They've been haning out since that but he told me "fuck her, i want u and only you" "i admire you I could do anytging for you" and things like that... But now he just snap pics of them doing things and ignoring me... Why? He has been a douche to me for 6 months now and when I was ready to try again and he was too.. All of a sudden everything just got ruined... I blocked his snap today because his new toy snaped me something very inappropriate :(
now i regret blocking him but maybe it was for the best.. i can't stop crying he basically came back into my life and then left again... And it hurts heaps.. again..


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  • His word is no good. It can only lead to further pain. You did the right thing.


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  • Because you're looking for douche bags just look at yourself what kind of guys you attract, douche bags some wana be big guys.

    First change yourself and heck why you need snapchat for relationship lol. That young relationships suck.


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