How would you feel if your bf/gf ex called and texted them?


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  • depends what sort of ex? Sometimes I email my ex husband with catch ups and a few things for closure that i felt bad about and wanted to get off my chest but then his current girlfriend who is an absolute controlling cow emailed me and put a stop to it.

    I didn't want him back, but there was a lot of things unsaid and also we were married so were best friends and i missed my friend, nothing more.


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  • I wouldn't feel anything because I'm not insecure (not saying that women who don't feel this way ARE insecure. I'm talking about myself). I personally would trust my dude and would expect him to alert me if she says anything untoward. I would also expect him to respond in the appropriate manner or block her if he so pleased.

  • I would pick up the phone and say, "What's up?"

    This woman keeps calling my dad once. My mom got jealous, picked up the phone and boom, said some stuff.

    Meanwhile, my dad smiled a happy smile.

    The lady never bothered us again.


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