Girls, Is there any chances to get back with your ex when she broke up?

I'll try to be very short. We have been dating for not so long and we were both deep in love when she left for months in an other country. Now she come back really soon and it has been longer since she is gone than the time where we were seeing each other. We were talking daily via Facebook and weekly via Skype.

At first, it was all perfect, but then we had misunderstandings due to the bad communication that provides text messages, while we were talking via Skype it was always perfect thought. Because of those misunderstandings, she began to doubt about our relationship, so I wanted to fix this so bad and we couldn't see each other to really fix it so I send her way too much messages about it, thinking it would make her understand and realise that those problems where weaker than our relationship, but, actually, it was creating a problem for us.

While it was getting better, I have been rude and harmfull to her because I was angry after her, from then, the relationship fell slowly apart and because it was not enough already, I sended her a lot of messages trying to make her understand why I acted this way by telling her how I felt. I was then really tired of her doubting about the two of us, because I wasn't understanding the way she felt, so I have been rude and harmfull to her once again.

She then began to believe that it will always be like this and lost her feelings for me, so she doesn't want to continue. She says we can meet again when she come back, but from her point of view, there is no point in this since she doesn't believe anymore in our relationship.

When I talk in real life, I'm a different person than the one who write on Facebook. She fell in love with the real one, not the Facebook one. I didn't realise what I was writing but now I understand and I am already making effort to change. It's probably not enough but I really want her back.

Knowing all of this, is there any chance for the relationship to work again?


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  • there is a chance/.


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