How long before I text my ex the news?

my ex and I broke up 2 weeks ago. He said he didn't love me anymore because of our distance. But I still love him very much. He also said if I had a job and lived closer and had a car he'd consider trying again. Well it just so happens as soon as we broke up I got hired somewhere, found a room for $100 a month and will be getting a car in the next month. I want to text him the good news BUT there is a major plot twist. We got into this insane fight 5 days ago and he told me not to contact him anymore. Blocked me on snapchat and Twitter but not my phone number. I really want to text him and see if I can reconcile our relationship but I'm so scared he'll block my number and if he does I might lose it... Any suggestions?


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  • It started Out with "Our distance" that he didn't care enough about you to love You Unconditionally from the start because it wasn't in his own Heart... To even consider you then.
    Now you are both in this fighting match here, dear, and you are the One who has made all the efforts to 'Reconcile our relationship' with all your bubbly news, but something inside of you is even too scared to dare 'Text him' because you know what the consequences could be in the long run with stirring up another simmering pot that could result in Pot Luck.
    I could tell you on my own end to 'End' the madness and walk away today and focus on your own life with little or no strife. I see if you continue down this problem path with him, it will be nothing but a Full circle Pattern and nothing will ever be Reconciled or Decided on because you both will always be locking horns instead of lip locking most of the time, no matter how close you are to him in distance and in heart.
    It's a chance for romance and if you Need some sort of closure, take the step to find out where you might stand and whatever happens from that day forward, you would have been your own decision maker.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Honestly, I think you need to move on. He clearly has, he doesn't want to even be friends with you, judging by the way he acted.

    You say you broke up 2 weeks ago, but had this fight 5 days ago? What were you fighting about, after your breakup?

  • do it now.


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