Ex is really getting to me because I know he cares?

So the reason we broke up was because we had a bad argument, the only one of our relationship but he broke up with me because of it. To later on tell me he misses me and so on, so we began seeing eachother again for another month and things went great when all of a sudden an ex best friend sent me texts of my current ex boyfriend and another girl texting and planning on meeting up. But baring in mind he's single but our kind of relationship when you see someone you stop contacting others out of respect! Turns out my ex bestfriend catfished my boyfriend and sent him fake nudes and asked him to meet up. He said maybe and she sent me Everything. I flipped on him& he got the idea that I was the one who pretended to be the girl and catfish when I honestly had no clue what was going on. He said I was a psycho and such and I explained it wasn't me and for the most part I think he believes me but he has deleted me off fb and when I added him back he declined, I don't know what to do because I have strong feelings for him still and things were going great until my ex friend meddled? Any advise
Last night I got attacked by two guys and have a severely bruised face, I sent pics to his sister because I'm good friends with her and he saw them. Do u think he cares? I have a huge black eye. Additional note:he hates anything to do with girls getting hurt by guys, it makes him mad. Do u think he wants to text me asking me if I'm ok but he's trying to keep his pride in check cause our argument is still fresh?


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  • just give him time.

    • Okay, u think everything will be ok? He's only had one more girlfriend before me and they only dated 3 weeks and he still seemed to miss her a year later, do u think our breakup is taking a even bigger toll? We've dated for four months? Thankyou by the way I'm really heartbroken

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