Haven't heard from him since he left on vacation?

I been seeing this guy for a little over a month. He has been the one doing the pursuing such as texting first, setting up dates etc... He has even expressed that he "likes me so much". Last weekend he went on vacation with his friend and text me pretty constantly saying he wished I was there, missed me etc... When he came back we hung out once and he brought me meds when I was sick. He left to spend the holidays with his family 2 days ago. I texted him once saying I hope he had a good flight and I got a quick it was good reply. I have heard nothing since.

** Extra Info... The time we hung out between his trips, he did take a phone call that seemed like another girl on the phone. You know he was vague and said he was going to bed when he normally tells his friends he is with me? I can't be sure, could be my confusion and insecurity rearing its ugly head?


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  • I think it may still be too soon to tell still or there's not enough info here to for me to say what might be happening. Let his actions do the talking. If he's been initiating and you have been responding then it's not you that's the problem. Give it a couple more days, let him know you're free on these days and would love to see him. If he doesn't respond or if he can't make it on those days and doesn't tell you which days might work (a counter offer if you will) then that may be an issue.

    Perhaps you could help me with my question:



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