My boyfriend cheated and now he cries for me back? I don't understand him!

my boyfriend cheated on my with this girl who is really in love with him he lied to me about her for about a month. this isn't the first time he has gone with her but the last time we weren't technically together. I told him that I couldn't be there for him anymore and that we couldn't even be friends. he cried saying he didn't want me to go. he said he knows he doesn't deserve me but that he will try to get me back. he would text me good morning and goodnight and that he loves me.

i told him that I wanted him to text her that he couldn't talk to her anymore but he refused saying he didn't want to hurt her. and I got mad because I thought it was unfair he hurt me.

last time we spoke I was very mean to him accusing him about stuff about the both of them.

he got upset and said "hes tired of it" and hung up. and he didn't text me that night.

he still tells me that he wants a future and that he swears hell stop talking to the girl. he won't be mean to her but that he won't reach out to her but if she were to call him he would say he's busy and if she were to text him then he would ignore it. but I really can't trust him anymore.

now why would someone go off and throw away a perfect relationship for (according to him) was only a fling. at first he said he liked her but then he said that he only thought it was cool to talk to her. and well idk. he cries when I would tell him I was going to leave he constantly tells me he loves me

and he says he regrets it and that he's not gonna go with her.

but he says in the future maybe we can get back and that I can go have my own flings because he knows that he doesn't deserve me. he said he just doesn't want to see me go that even if we don't talk he wants to know that I'm still there.

please help me interpret him!


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  • In my opinion, if a guy is serious about making things right after cheating on you he will do what you ask. He doesn't necessarily have to be mean to her but he should tell her in no uncertain terms that he loves you and wants to be with you, and that what happened between them was a mistake. He needs to understand that you are hurting and he has to rebuild your trust so if he really wants it he will do whatever it takes!

  • well to me this sounds like he is saying sorry for cheating on you but he won't stop texting this girl cause he knows if something bad happens between you and him or if you don't give him what he wants he can just go to the other girl and get it from her. but then in the end I don't know who this guy is so it comes back to you on how much you trust this boy. If you believe and trust him enough that he is being truthful about trying to fix things up you could give him a second chance. but if you have your doubts about him I would say forget it. I know its a hard thing to do but you should at least try to.


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