Ex deleted me off fb? How do I come out on top?

A ex best friend catfished him pretending to be a hot blonde and was texting him and sending him nudes (I had no idea) but at the time he was single but we were seeing eachother again trying to get back together and work things out. So she asks him about me and if we're going to get back together and he says he doesn't know. But when she said lets meet up and have sex he said maybe. Obviously I was distraught I freaked on him and he accused me of doing it and deleted me off fb. I explained I had no idea she was fake texting him and it wasn't me. I think he believes me now but I tried adding him back and he declined my friend request. I'm distraught. He was single and maybe I did over react but we were seeing eachother and he said maybe to having sex with a random. My ex friend has ruined everything what should I do? I think he's mad does he just need to get over it? It was a week ago and I tried adding him back?


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  • I know it seems like the end of the world right now, I was in the same place as you a lot of times and recently actually a month ago... but to be honest I learned that YOU CAN'T SATISFY EVERYONE. you're only hurting yourself.

    Look at him now, he is like i dont care if she said she didn't do it i choose to believe myself despite of what she says. meanwhile you are like I care what he thinks and says I need him to know the truth... but dude, you already TOLD HIM THE TRUTH its not your fault he doesn't believe you. its actually his loss and if you keep acting the way you are he's gonna think you are guilty, desparate and pathetic. However if you just told him once, said u know what believe what you want but time will tell the truth and just let it go. HE is the one that is gonna feel guilty. If anything he should be like "shit she said she didn't do it though what if she is saying the truth" ... get what I mean... the fact he is not doing that shows that he is not interested in getting back with you... he already wasn't sure of it from the start by saying "maybe".

    he is so confident with what he says he thinks is true and so should you. once you let it go things will come to you including him maybe. dont think about it too much.


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  • Just move on. This is a mess already, he isn't your boyfriend, someone decided to play a stupid childish trick on him. It's over. Just get over it. Move on with your life.

    • He was my boyfriend for four months tho, I lost it to him it's not as easy to get over it as it seems.

  • Just move on.


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