What are some signs he's pulling away or pushing you away?

Lately I've felt like he's been pushing me away. but I don't wanna believe it.. what are some things you would do if you were to push or pull away from someone?


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  • distance myself from you.


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  • My ex would start texting me less. Calling me less.

    He would act kind of distant and then when I asked him what was wrong he would make up a thousand excuses but always said "it's not you"

    One day I had enough and just stopped all communication with him. I couldn't bare being the only one fighting for a relationship.

    Him being distant lasted about a month- I waited and gave it time but in the end I didn't want to be with someone who wasn't emotionally available

    Peace and love x


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  • Some signs that there pushing you away is they might not want to be intimate with you anymore. They might not want to hang out with you anymore or compliment you anymore. I would talk to them about it , it would make you feel better.

  • If you aren't communicating as much


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