Should I try and get her to move away with me?

its all sort of a crazy idea I will admit but I've already committed myself to move there to go to college so I'd just be bringing her along and she has a couple good friends/ her best friend who go to school there as well ( I'm 25 and she's 20 ) . but were not exactly dating and we have had some issues and her older sister didn't seem to like me but she did so I'm thinking if I can get her away from her maybe we'd be able to go somewhere in a relationship . and its not like she's doing much here , all she's doing is waitressing and I'm not even employed which was why I was going to school . and she loves to party and go out so I think she'd really like it there as there is a good nightlife .
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  • I would. Give it a shot and ask her. Tell her your side of things.

  • Why not, no harm in asking. She can still say no, if she doesn't think it a good idea.


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